Fillings & Inlays

»Our practice has decided to offer long-term care solutions and minimalize the use of fillings which are mixed directly in the mouth.«

We wish to move away from the use of drilling in order to avoid the loss of additional tooth substance. Conventional fillings have been shown to have low durability and must often be replaced.

For these reasons, we recommend the use of inlays.

Your Benefits

What is an Inlay?

Inlays are available in two variations. The classic version is made of gold, which alongside its noble appearance is very firm and stable. Inlays are also produced with porcelain. This material, in addition to being highly durable, is also virtually undetectable as a filling due to its color, which resembles the natural color of teeth.

Porcelain inlays are permanently cemented and thereby absolutely sealed, providing effective protection against the formation of new caries. An affordable alternative are composite resin inlays, which are made of synthetic materials.

Your customized inlay will be individually crafted by a technician with the utmost accuracy and precision in a modern dental laboratory, ensuring that you receive the best quality service. The procedure for inlays is completed with just two visits to our office, and by maintaining good oral hygiene, your tooth will remain protected for many years.