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DDr. D. Zitny-Haberl MDSc
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Pilgramgasse 1/2/8, 1050 Wien
+43 1 5447199
Mon – Thu 8am – 6pm, Fri 8am–2pm

Oral Hygiene – Professional Dental Cleaning

»The combination of practicing good oral hygiene and having regular professional dental cleanings is standard practice today for a healthy set of teeth and gums and a confident, beautiful smile. A professional dental cleaning is an important component in maintaining healthy teeth for life!«

An appointment for a professional dental cleaning with our Dental Hygiene Assistant takes about an hour. Using the most modern technology, the Dental Hygiene Assistant removes dental plaque and tartar which has formed on your teeth. You will not only have the pleasant feeling of freshly cleaned teeth as a result of the treatment-your teeth will also be noticeably brighter and whiter!

The cleaning of interdental spaces leads to healthy and firm gums, so that original teeth as well as high quality replacement teeth can be preserved for a long time. An individualized consultation about the proper care of your teeth, together with accompanying instructions on how to correctly clean them are designed to motivate you to maintain the positive results of your cleaning afterwards at home.

Clean and healthy teeth-for a lifetime!

Your Benefits With Oral Hygiene


Periodontitis is a disease of the gums apparatus, which is mainly caused by certain bacteria. So-called „gum pockets“ (gap between tooth and gum) arise and through the associated bone recession teeth become loose and finally get lost.

Most periodontal disease is caused by plaque. But there are also other factors that can cause periodontitis. The severity of the disease is determined by factors including the number and the depth of the gum pockets.

As treatment thorough cleanings are performed, thereby reducing the bacterial load in the first place. If required further treatments may be necessary. As common chronic disease of adulthood periodontitis plays a significant role in human aging.

Oral Health and Anti Aging

In the area of human aging process, nowadays people speak of „inflammaging“, therefore aging is caused by chronic inflammatory processes at a low level. This causes a permanent activated immune system in aging people combined with decreased ability to neutralize or eliminate the inflammation causative irritants. Chronic overeating (obesity) acts as a constant inflammatory process. The sum of these chronic changes cause an accelerated inflammaging (aging) with a reduced health and life expectancy and an increased risk of chronic diseases (for example, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and atherosclerosis). The early treatment of periodontitis is therefore also a factor for reducing the general aging process.*

* Literature according to Dr Rene Sanderink